This website aims at helping readers to find interesting new ideas to enhance their workflows. In in-depth reviews, we provides analyses of utilities, applications, and workflows which can help with easing your work. In the digital world, there is a tremendous amount of tools, apps, services, and more. All these solutions promise the ultimate solution to productivity needs. But can they deliver? Which is the right solution for the right user?

Everybody has their individual needs; and the market for solutions is endless. We present methodology, relevant tools, and ideas for setups. We hope we can inspire people to think about their workflows and adjust them successfully by applying ideas and thoughts from our articles. This is written for anybody with an interest in personal productivity and efficiency: Entrepreneurs, academics, or just anybody else interested in optimizing their own workflows.


Dr. Marc A. Kastner

Marc A. Kastner

About me
Marc is the founder and editor-in-chief on Productived.net. He is computer science researcher in Tokyo, Japan. Always interested in improving his own workflows, he is on the journey to discover new productivity utilities. On Productived.net, he writes articles on productivity and digital workflows.


Twitter: @mkasu | E-mail: marc@productived.net


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